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Montenegro is a place in South-Eastern Europe, in the west of the Balkan Peninsula. This compact, cozy country with a population of about 700,000 people gained independence in 2006, and since 2010 it has officially become a candidate for membership in the European Union. The Euro is used here as the main currency, even though the country is not part of the Eurozone.

The nature of Montenegro is striking in its diversity. In such a small area, there are countless beaches of the Adriatic coast, mountain peaks in the east of the country, and plains with lakes in its central part. The high level of ecology, more than 250 sunny days a year, the splendor of the surrounding nature and the mild climate - all this, apparently, affects the fact that the local people here are always hospitable and live in the unhurried rhythm of Polako.

Yachting in Montenegro is ideal for the first independent outings to the sea. In the summer season, strong winds and high waves are extremely rare here. Yachtsmen have at their disposal about 300 kilometers of coastline. The entire water area can be divided into the Bay of Kotor, perfectly protected by the mountains from natural elements, and the open part of the Adriatic coast. In the bay, you will find islands, marinas and bays for anchorage, but outside of it there are practically no protected bays, so for mooring at night it is better to use marinas, for example, in Budva or Bar.

Summer here is dry and hot, the average air temperature is + 27C - + 29C, water - + 22C - + 24C. The standard wind speed in the summer season is 10-15 knots, it is often calm. Short distances and a large number of equipped yacht berths in coastal cities allow making short crossings with the ability to quickly replenish water and fuel supplies and to enjoy walks ashore to the maximum for walking along the old streets.

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