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Australia is a state in the Southern Hemisphere, occupying the entire continent and several islands, the largest of which is Tasmania. The region belongs to the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans and is bordered by the Arafura, Timor, Tasmanian and Coral Seas.

Australia's most prominent landmark is the Great Barrier Reef on the north coast. Most of the islands are uninhabited and are national parks.
Yachting along the coastal area of this region allows you to enjoy a variety of landscapes and natural beauty.

From the windswept shores of Victoria and Tasmania to the picturesque harbours of New South Wales and the tropical islands and vast shoals of the Northern Territory, yachtsmen can find everything in Australia.
Australia's coastline hides a wealth of fantastic sailing destinations. Sailing the country's vast waters can lead to wonderful harbours, exotic islands and secluded beaches.

The yachting industry in Australia is at a very high level. The waterfront is replete with marinas, yacht clubs and boat repair and maintenance centers with excellent service.


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Australia's climate makes it an ideal sailing vacation destination. Most of the area is in an equatorial climate with monsoon winds, hot summers and rainy winters. However, the yachting season in this region is year-round. Therefore, a yacht charter can be planned at any time. The sheer size is the reason why each of the regions of the country is attractive in different seasons. The southern part is most favorable to visit from December to February when the weather allows you to relax, but in the north at this time is the rainy season. June to July (winter season) is the most ideal yachting conditions in Queensland, in the northern part of the continent. Spring (August to November) is the ideal time for yachting, with favorable winds and low rainfall.

It is not difficult to rent a yacht in Australia. Australian charter companies will be happy to provide you with a captainless boat if you hold one of the international licenses, but some may test your practical skills.

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