How to add new listing

To add a new listing you need to create your account first.

Click here to read more about creating your account.

Listing types:

  1. Events.If you would like to list your boat or cabin for rent, or you offers yachting practice
    Add your event here

    Fill the form. Choose your event type. Geolocation is required, so you can use the map to choose your start point.

  2. Classifieds
    Add your classified for free here.
  3. Vacation Rentals
    Real estate ads.
    Add your short-term rentals offers here for free.
  4. Places
    You can add your business to our sailing directory – sailing school, service station, nautical shop and more.
    To add your business for free click here

To edit your listings you can visit your listing’s page and press Edit button.
You can always find your listing in your profile.

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