You’ve always dreamed of sailing the Mediterranean Sea, and you finally have the chance! You’re booking your yacht charter in Turkey with a reputable company and have your dates set, but where to go? The Turkish coast alone is over 6000 miles long and has hundreds of harbors and anchorages to choose from. So how do you know which are the best places to visit while sailing? Here are the top 10 places you should check out on your yacht charter Turkey vacation

List of Yacht Marinas in Turkey

Istanbul, the Eastern Capital

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

Istanbul is a modern city on one side and a ancient metropolis on another side. The great blue Bosphorus strait is right in front of it, just across from a marina Istanbul. Marinas are good places for boat owners and sailors because they have plenty of services you can use when you are tired of sailing around Istanbul. In particular, as marina Istanbul is one of its greatest advantages.

The fact that it has existed for centuries means you know there will be hundreds if not thousands of boat owners at any given time.
You can always find someone who knows something about sailing or someone who wants to take you out on their yacht for a ride.
And even if you don’t want anything else, Istanbul itself is worth visiting because of its history and cultural richness. That’s why we recommend going there as soon as possible before everything changes too much. It’s also quite close to other famous cities like Paris, Rome or London so make sure to visit those while you are still close by!

Marmaris, The Heart of Mediterranean

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

Marmaris is a seaside city in Turkey. The word Marmaris originates from Greek word Marmaron, which means sailor and boat driver, but later it was changed into one of world-renowned tourist spot.
With best place for yacht charter in Turkey, you will enjoy excellent facilities at Marmaris Yacht Marina or other yachting destinations. When you charter a yacht in Marmaris (Turkey), you can enjoy your yacht holiday with different places to visit and things to do.

Boat rentals and yacht charters in Turkey

You can even spend your nights cruising between these places too! Some of popular destinations include Rhodes, Patmos and Symi Islands, Pelos Bay… all located near Crete.

If you are looking for luxury and comfort during your yacht charter vacation, then Marmaris Yacht Marina is right choice. It has all amenities that you need such as restaurants, bars, swimming pools, shops etc.

The Best Time to Go Yacht Chartering: The best time to go sailing in Turkey is during spring season when weather conditions are perfect for sailing.

Kusadasi, Beside Ancient Ephesus

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

Kusadasi is a city in Western Turkey which is located by Aegean Sea. This city is an excellent destination for yacht charter turkey. Kusadasi has so many beautiful beaches and interesting historical places, it will be very convenient for you to spend your vacation or take a rest from your busy schedule.

One of the most famous places you should visit is an ancient city called Ephesus. If you are interested about museums and art galleries, there are also many nice destinations like House of Virgin Mary Museum, Artemis Temple, St. John Church which attracts so many tourists every year.

Bodrum, Stunning Nightlife

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

If you haven’t visited, you might think that Bodrum is just a beautiful place to sail your yacht. However, it’s also a wonderful vacation destination for people who want to enjoy a taste of old-world Turkish culture and then hit up one of Europe’s most exciting nightlife scenes. Many tourists come here for dinner and then stay until early morning; if that sounds like your kind of vacation, you should book a luxury yacht rental in Bodrum. You might want to plan ahead—the most prestigious nightspots fill up fast.

Some clubs are so popular that they have an entrance fee. When you get inside, however, expect excellent food and drink options along with top-notch service. The music at these clubs is typically played by live DJs instead of being broadcast from a television or computer screen (though there are some exceptions). Don’t worry about getting bored—Bodrum offers an incredible variety of ways to have fun after dark!

Bodrum Yacht Marina, Luxury Yachts: There are many reasons why so many travelers choose to charter their own yachts while visiting Bodrum. For starters, renting your own boat means you can go wherever you want whenever you want without having to stick around any one area for too long.

Gocek, A Hideway on a Bay

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

One of many reasons that Gocek is such a great place for yacht chartering is because it’s situated in one of Turkey’s natural havens, Bay of Gocek. The bay and its surroundings have plenty to offer any potential sailors looking for a perfect day out at sea. First on their list should be a visit to Blue Cruise Paradise; more specifically Yalikavak bay.

Check out the best Gocek Yacht Marina

Not only does Yalikavak bay provide a scenic view of Gocek’s famous harbour but also has some amazing restaurants to enjoy lunch or dinner. If you want to see something else during your stay here then there are plenty of other things you can do including snorkeling or scuba diving if you want to see some marine life up close.

Boat rentals and yacht charters in Turkey

As well as all these activities there are also boat tours available which will take you around Bay of Gocek so you can see everything that has made it famous. All in all there is no shortage of things to do while sailing around Bay of Gocek, which makes it an ideal destination for anyone interested in yacht chartering Turkey.

Fethiye and Oludeniz, The Blue Lagoon

Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing
Yacht Charter Turkey: Top 10 Places to Visit While Sailing

The turquoise waters and rocky scenery in Fethiye are considered some of Turkey’s most beautiful. The main draw, however, is Oludeniz—the so-called Blue Lagoon. Nestled along a steep mountain range just a half-hour outside of town, Oludeniz is one of Fethiye’s best attractions.

A small bay lined with hotels and boat docks welcomes visitors looking for sailing in turkey and swimming opportunities alike. Winds at sea typically reach speeds between 6–8 knots; make sure you keep an eye on wind direction while visiting—some areas are accessible only during certain times of day or when winds are blowing from certain directions. It’s worth bringing snorkeling gear if you want to explore underwater. The water tends to be fairly clear, but it’s always a good idea to bring extra goggles (just in case).

The water temperature ranges from around 68–70 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Make sure you wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water! If you get tired of lounging on your yacht charter turkey, take a trip into town for shopping or dining options. You can also visit nearby Pamukkale—Turkey’s Cotton Castle—which features white travertine terraces that look like snowdrifts cascading down from above.

Kuşadası, On the Way from Ephesus to Izmir

Kuşadası is a historic holiday destination. It is located on the Aegean coast of western Anatolia, in Izmir Province, Turkey. The town has been settled since Hittite times and was an important port for many Mediterranean traders during Antiquity and Middle Ages. Modern Kusadasi is still a popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty, nightlife and its seaside castle; it attracts some 2 million visitors annually. This particular part of coastal western Anatolia is known as Caria (Kaṛā in Turkish), that once belonged to Rhodes island.

Antalya City and Alanya Harbourside

Many yacht charter captains in Antalya are familiar with Yachting World’s list of The World’s Top 100 Charter Destinations for 2017. The top-ranking city in that list is Alanya, and even if you have never been there, you should definitely visit. There is so much to do when sailing with a boat from Antalya, including visiting Alanya. We recommend taking a stroll along Kargicak Beach or hanging out at one of Alanya’s famous restaurants like Vogue Cafe; both are popular with tourists from all over Europe. You will be blown away by how beautiful these cities are while sailing through their waters on your yacht charter.

Kalkan Bay, Resorts in Gulf of Gokova

Kalkan Bay is one of six large bays along a stretch of coast known as Lycia. Gulf of Gokova is an excellent place for sailing, with both local and itinerant charter yachts and crew available. In Kalkan Bay you’ll find restaurants, cafés, and shops along with some good hotels if you want to base yourself there.
Whether or not you choose to stay in Kalkan, it’s well worth a visit—particularly if you want a full range of entertainment options. For example, there are plenty of bars where couples can dance into the night away from bigger resorts like Kumlubük or Olu Deniz.

Datça Peninsula and Simena Island

Located in southwestern Turkey, Datça Peninsula is a popular yachting destination. Sailors can enjoy sailing along its coastline, or even renting out a private yacht for privacy. When you’re done exploring land, sail on over to Simena Island for some fun in the sun. Located only about 11 miles from mainland, it’s an easy trip aboard your Datça Peninsula-based yacht rental. There are plenty of beaches to relax at and water sports to try.
You might also want to visit nearby Marmaris, one of Turkey’s most popular resort towns and home to many high-end hotels and spas. It’s not just tourists who love Marmaris—the town has long been a favorite among Turkish locals as well. In fact, there are plenty of fine dining options and historic sites throughout town that make it worth visiting even if you don’t have time for yachting in Datça Peninsula or Simena Island.

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