Chartering a boat in Croatia is becoming increasingly popular in recent years.

It’s an excellent opportunity to discover this stunning country aboard a boat that’s completely yours.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration prior to booking a yacht, so, read on for more information about choosing a boat, the best place you can book it and other essential information.

Croatia Yacht Charter 2022

Bareboat charters in Croatia

It is possible to charter a boat without a skipper so long as you’re a skilled person with an international skipper’s license. It sounds extremely appealing, isn’t it? A bareboat charter is when the skipper, you are accountable for the charter boat’s crew.

It is skipper who’s the only person accountable for the vessel. But, everyone on the crew must share a certain amount of accountability to ensure that they enjoy a an enjoyable and safe trip.

It’s not easy to navigate the system and make sure everything functions smoothly.

Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right
Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right

Search Bareboat Yacht Charter in Croatia

Bareboat charter is an excellent opportunity to build teamwork and ensure that everyone on board be aware of their roles.
If you’re not happy with this kind of arrangement, you may prefer hiring skippers instead.

Charter boats Croatia and captain (Crewed boats Croatia)

Crewed yachts provide better service and more individual service than the bareboat.
They typically include a crew member that serves as an assistant for you personally. You have the option of hiring either a captain or crew member.
Captains generally cost lesser per hour than other crew members. However, captains require more preparation and training.

Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right
Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right

Your skipper will join you on the boat when you hire someone for your sail trip.
The skipper is with you throughout your charter and he’ll also ensure your safety as well as the yacht.
The skipper will assist to navigate your boat, and also advise you on the best spots to go to.
It’s crucial to be aware how your privacy is protected when you are accompanied by a skipper on.
The skipper will let you to relax with your family and friends.

Search crewed Yachts (with captain) in Croatia

If you’d like to have more interaction the skipper is open to it.
It is crucial to remember that skipper’s cabin will be in his own cabin.
Usually, sailing boats are equipped with a captain’s cabin on the bow. Large sailing vessels and motorboats typically have just one skipper. The boat’s layout can be altered in accordance with the needs of the charterer. This means that there’s generally a separate cabin to accommodate the crew. If you are an experienced skipper, make sure that you have a separate cabin for crew members.
It is your responsibility to provide food to the skipper as well as an accommodation for the skipper to sleep in.

Be aware of this while shopping at the grocery store or dine in restaurants.
A few guests ask their skipper along for dinners, lunches or any other meal experiences at the shore. This isn’t an obligation and shouldn’t be considered a burden.
When you plan your budget for your trip it is a good option. Tipping is not mandatory in Croatia. It is however customary to give 10% to 20 percent of the charter price in particular when the skipper is happy with your service.

Catamaran charter in Croatia

A catamaran is a vessel that is constructed with two hulls, joined by a rigid frame.

This kind of boat gives you a unique sailing experience as it permits the user to go on simultaneously from both sides. If you’re looking to enjoy an unwinding vacation, an catamaran charter may be the perfect choice for you.

Croatia is the home of a large sailing community, as a due to its proximity to the sea in virtually every major city.

Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right
Sailboat Catamaran

Sailingclick offers an extensive selection of boats available in Croatia.

After you’ve decided about your sailing adventure You can begin searching for the ideal vessel. These boats are extremely popular with sailors, particularly the catamarans and sailboats. Large groups of people can enjoy wonderful moments of relaxation and adventure with these gorgeous vessels.
Make a reservation for a Croatian catamaran charter to have the most unforgettable ever experience that you’ve had in your entire life.

Catamarans are practically houseboats that can accommodate large families or groups of friends looking to celebrate any kind of event, such as birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties or various corporate events. It’s always a great option to lease a catamaran!

What charters for catamaran boats could I take in Croatia?

The most efficient sailing catamarans include: Lagoon, Bali, Lavezzi, Elan, Fountaine Pajot or Primosten is possible, particularly in the case of departures out of Split and Dubrovniknik.

You’re free to select. You can take a picture of the sunset from the deck of your boat as you sip a refreshing cocktail. Croatia is the ideal destination for your next holiday!

Boat rentals and yacht charters

Sailing boat rentals in Croatia

A boat charter in Croatia is an ideal option to spend your time enjoying your holiday in peace.

Rent a sailing boat in Split to explore the most well-known Dalmatian islands Hvar and Brac, Korcula, Korcula and Vis by following our skipper’s sailing schedule.

You could also arrange yacht charters from Zadar Old Town and enjoy an easy island-hopping experience throughout central Dalmatia.

Relax and enjoy the breathtaking Kornati national park, or go sailing towards the magnificent Krka waterfalls.
You can rest in the scattered islands of the northern Adriatic by renting sailing vessels in Istria at the modern marina Veruda close to the old Pula town.

Yacht charter Croatia - How To Do It Right
 ACI Marina Pula

You’ll feel more relaxed and relaxed in the ballast of a stable and well-maintained boat.

A range of yachts are available to hire in Croatia. You can take pleasure in endless sailing adventures along the Adriatic or hire one of these boats to enjoy stress-free vacations.
We can suggest the boats in Croatia that can meet your needs, whether need an action-packed high cruiser or a relaxing weekend on a cruiser for the family.

Yacht Marinas in Croatia

The best time to sail Croatia

Croatia has gorgeous summer temperatures. There is no better moment to plan your Croatia holiday?

Croatia is among the most sought-after cruise destinations.

Sailing in Croatia in July

It is the sailing time of year. is from April until mid-October, which is when the weather is typically the most pleasant. There are some months that offer more pleasure than the others based on the type of trip you’re planning.

Croatia cruises are ideal for those who travel between April and June.

It is the shoulder season that spans from April through mid-June until about mid-June, it is the most sought-after season.

The end of September and October brings less people and more chances to relax in the unspoiled turquoise waters off the Adriatic and Dalmatian islands.

Certain seasons offer ideal winds for sailing, whereas others permit swimming and sunbathing.

A analysis of pre-, mid -, and season postseasons on Croatian cruises

  • May and April are pre-sailing seasons which is characterized by strong wind, cold ocean and long, hot days.
  • The summer months of June, July and August are the most popular times for sailing excursions. It’s warm both on land and at sea, and the water is very pleasant to swim in. Also, the winds are low.
  • The most popular time for Croatian sailing tours is in September-October. There are, however, less days, however the water remains warm because of the warmer temperatures in the summer and the steady winds.

Croatian sailing on April

April is the earliest time when you can sail around Croatia and you’ll typically discover the most affordable prices. To experience a true sailing experience this is the ideal moment to save money and take advantage of the strong winds that surround and around the Dalmatian Islands. It is common to get discounted airfare when you travel to the nation.

However, it’s not the ideal time to go swimming as the temperatures in the water are cold. It is possible to sail for the day and then use the evenings or afternoons to visit the towns and do wine tasting. April is an ideal month to travel around Croatia and stay away from the crowds.

Temperatures in April
Air Temperature: 16*C/ 61*F
Sea Temperature: 15*C/ 59*F

Sailing Croatia in May

There are discounted rates on yacht and airfare for May sailing excursions in Croatia. This month, however, is the month when the season officially begins.

It is heating and is becoming less uncomfortable as May moves on. While the days are getting longer and the wind is steady throughout May, they won’t be as powerful as in April.
It is possible to visit Croatia at this time of the year for a private yacht holiday. There’s more sun and less people. It is as a shoulder season. You can take a dip in warmer water, but you’ll need to wear a wetsuit.

Temperatures in May
Air Temperature: 20*C/ 69*F
Sea Temperature: 19*C/ 66*F

Croatian sailing on June

June marks the beginning of Croatia’s peak season and the prices for charter yachts are rising. But, it shouldn’t be crowded.

The ocean is beginning to warm and by the end of summer, most people are able to swim in the water without wetsuits.
The days of June in Croatia are among the longest days of the entire year. You’ll see more and will have lots of time explore the ports and marinas.

Temperatures in June
Air Temperature: 25*C/ 77*F
Sea Temperature: 21*C/72*F

Sailing in Croatia in July

July falls in the sailing season that is at its peak and, therefore, you’ll pay the highest prices during the season. But, it is also the time of less rain and lots of sunshine.

It is the perfect time to go swimming at this time since the temperature of the ocean is great and the wind is cool. This is the ideal moment to relax and enjoy a vacation sailing around Croatia.
It’s still simple to travel across Croatia and especially on a yacht owned by a private party. July is the ideal month for watersports.

Temperatures in July
Its temperature is air is 29°C/ 84°F.
Sea Temperature: 26*C/ 78*F

Croatian sailing on August

August is like July, although it’s a little warmer. The high season is a time to enjoy crowds, and yacht prices will be at their highest during the year.
It is the perfect moment to go sailing in Croatia because the water temperature is ideal for unforgettable swimming as well as other water sports.
You’ll need in order to secure your yacht however, the local skipper can direct you to the most popular places and when to go.

Temperatures in August
Air Temperature: 31*C/ 87*F
Sea Temperature: 26*C/ 78*F

Croatian sailing on September

September is the month that falls in this post-sailing period. The prices for yachts are beginning to fall once more.
There are significant discounts on flights and flights, especially in the later part of the month. Although it is a shorter day in September, it is a fantastic time to cruise in Croatia.
The water is sufficient warm to swim in while the temperature is nice.

Temperature of the Air: 25*C/77*F
Sea Temperature: 23degC/72degF

Croatian sailing throughout October

October is a month that is considered to be post-seasonal. There are fewer tourists while cruises that go to Croatia will be slower.
A sailing vacation is cheaper due to the lower costs for yachts.
Despite the cooler temperatures, there’ll have plenty of sun and constant breezes.

The water is sufficient warm to swim in.
The month of October is the ideal time to experience Croatia’s stunning scenery as well as sail, tour, or engage in other sports like biking and walking.

Air Temperature: 21degC/ 69degF
Sea Temperature: 18*C/64* F

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